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    Top Reasons Sewing is Good for You

    There are different benefits of sewing your own cloths as compared to purchasing them from stores. These are some great reasons you should sew your own clothes, and they differ from one person to another.

    Have a Unique Look

    When you sew your own clothes, you can have a great wardrobe. Ideally, nobody else will wear the same thing as you.

    Hand Eye Co-ordination

    Whether you are sewing with a thread and needle by hand, or by a machine, you need excellent hand eye coordination. Fortunately, with practice, you can help keep your brains as nimble as the fingers.

    Social Life Improvement

    The truth is that sewing will open up your world. There are people across the world who sew and cut patterns, and you can make friends with them. Moreover, you can learn from them, exchange ideas, and improve your social life.

    Environmental Impact

    Purchasing clothes in this fast fashion world means that there will be more clothes going into landfill. When you sew your own clothes, you are likely to love them and even wear them for longer.

    Sewing is Creative

    Other than sewing being therapeutic, it is also super creative. That makes it one of the benefits of sewing. You should think of various ways there are to sew a seam, insert a zipper, and finish ahem. Moreover, there is a wide range of fabrics to work with different plus patterns.

    Lifetime of Learning

    sewing machineYou should note that sewing and pattern making are things you will learn continuously in life. Even if you have been sewing for many years, you may have questions about certain pattern cutting methods. In this way, you will keep your brain active by keeping the minds younger than you are. Also, that will lessen the chance of having certain diseases such as dementia when you get old.

    Self Esteem

    The truth is that learning to sew can do a lot of wonders to your self-esteem. For instance, when finish sewing a dress and a friend comments or asks you where you bought it from, you will feel great. That helps improve your self-esteem.

    Make Clothes that Fit

    As you know, every person is unique. Very few people can fit what the fashion industry calls normal sizing. That explains why a lot of people keep struggling to find clothes that fit them. Fortunately, by sewing, you can ensure you get clothes that fit properly.The…



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