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    Understanding Meth Contamination and Clean-up Process

    It is vital to carry out meth testing on your home or property you are about to occupy. This is because living in a meth contaminated property can have adverse effects on your entire family. If the results turn out to be positive, you can evacuate the home or not move in until decontamination has been done.
    People living in premises contaminated with meth are at risk of suffering nausea, skin rashes, chemical burns, and even anxiety.

    In this article, we look at the dangers of meth contamination and the clean-up process.

    Risks of Cleaning a Meth Contaminated House

    It is highly dangerous to clean a meth contaminated house by yourself. It is vital to hire professional cleaning services to help with cleaning. Apart from the hazardous meth chemical composition, the house is in great danger of catching fire.
    Stepping into a meth contaminated house without protective gear is risky too. You are in danger of exposing your skin and lungs to toxic chemicals. Below is the step by step meth clean-up process.

    Surveying the home

    examining contaminationThis is a crucial step as it helps identify the level of contamination and sets up how cleaning will be done. The individuals conducting should be well equipped with protective clothing to avoid exposure to dangerous meth chemicals

    Ventilating the house

    Ventilating is the second and critical step of meth decontamination. It allows for the supply of clean and fresh air. If the property is fitted with an HVAC system, it should be shut down to prevent spreading dangerous chemical particles to the surrounding environments.

    Creating a clean-up plan

    After surveying the property and identifying the contamination levels, the next step is to design a plan on cleaning. The plan should be detailed, covering the various cleaning methods to be employed until the house is reasonably clean. It should include the disposal methods, any security issues and, the protective equipment and machines required.

    Remove the contaminated objects

    You can start the clean-up process by removing every item in the house that is contaminated with meth. The items will then be cleaned or disposed of, depending on the contamination levels. The home will then be ventilated once more for a day or two.


    clean upNow the hard surfaces of the building can be thoroughly cleaned, including every area that is not visible. Use water detergents instead of bleach because it can react with meth producing even more dangerous gas.

    The second washing stage commences with the cleaning the ceilings, floor, plumbing, and septic systems to ensure no meth residue remains. The entire house is then rinsed with a lot of water. The hose can then be retested for any residues.…

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    Guide to Choosing a Residential Water Damage Restoration Company

    Water damage is quite common in homes. It can be caused by a variety of things such as a burst pipe, leaking pipe, and damaged roof, among others. Whenever you notice any sign of water damage, you should get in touch with Priority Restoration LLC company to get everything fixed before the damage spreads too fast. To choose the right company, you should consider the factors highlighted below.


    You should consider the location of the base from which the company operates. That should be more of the case if the situation is an emergency, like when there is a pipe burst. Those based far from your home may take a bit too long to get to your home and take care of the situation. The longer it takes them to arrive, the more damage your house will have. That means that the repairs will cost you a lot more.


    You should also confirm that the company has all the relevant and valid licenses to operate. That will help to give you the confidence that the workers of the company are well-trained and are capable of doing a professional job. Alongside that, you should also confirm that the company is sufficiently insured. The insurance cover should cover any extra damage caused by the technicians as they try to repair the water damage.


    The reputation of any water damage repair company matters a lot. It is a good indication of their competency and shows you the quality of service that you can expect to get. For that, consider getting referrals from colleagues or friends who have experienced water damage problems in the past. You should also consider choosing a company that has been in the industry for a long time. That is because they will probably have more experience in dealing with any water damage and will likely be more equipped for the job.


    Water damage repair is usually not very cheap, especially when the damage is extensive. To make sure that you do not pay more than you are supposed to, consider getting quotations from several companies. You can then compare the quotes and opt for a company that will fit in your budget. Remember to consider the cost of repair after considering the quality of service. Choosing for a cheap company that will not do a good job means that you will be looking for the repair services again, sooner than you would expect.  

  • Ultimate Guide to Window Blinds

    Window blinds and shades can complement the design of your home and add a touch of style. Thus, you can use them to transform the appearance of your home. Starting from Roman to Venetian to Roller blinds, there are various blind materials to get your desired aesthetic appeal. Privacy is one of the reasons homeowners choose window blinds as they can be adjusted in a manner that outsiders cannot peep through.

    Blinds provide many benefits for the homeowners. Another important benefit of the blind is that it can hold heat from the insideOn the other hand, exterior blinds help prevent your house from heating too much.

    Available in Different Patterns and Styles

    window blinds shutterAs far as selecting the right type of window blind you need for the home, there are several patterns, colors, and styles to choose from. When you choose blinds, you will get different options in it. Ensure you choose the right blind per the color and décor of the space. Some of the types of blinds to consider include roman blinds, cordless blinds, vertical, and mini blinds.

    It is a good idea to go for blinds that can amplify and enhance the color and décor of the space. You have the freedom to choose from a wide range of blind options like roman blinds, mini blinds, and more.

    They Control the Amount of Light Inside

    The good thing about window blinds is that they allow you to control the amount of light that enters the space. If you need it, you may cover a window partially or even totally. Thus, if you are sleeping, you will not be woken up by the sun shining. Also, they are ideal if you have patients or kids in your home. That is because window blinds are designed to prevent external light from disturbing their sleep and giving utmost privacy. You will choose whether to cover the window completely or partially.

    Blind Materials and Options

    You have the freedom to choose different types of materials for the blinds. Moreover, you can choose the material according to your style and budget. There are several options to match to choose the blind for every room, according to the décor and interior design. If your interiors are wooden, you can go for faux wood blinds. Other materials to consider include natural wood, bamboo, plastic, and aluminum.

    Easy to Maintain

    You will find that blinds are quite easy to maintain. For instance, they are easy to clean with simple soap and water solutions. You can clean the dust and dirt with a damp cloth.…



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